Bit Space Buildout Progress

Track progress as we push towards completion of our new workshop

Here is where we were when we started a few months back!


Here is where we are now, well last week anyway.  Goodbye mustardy sponge painting nightmare, hello tons of stuff to fix!!!


I knew the space had promise as soon as I stepped inside.  Of course with promise comes price, which in this case was an existing space that needed a bunch of love in order to be ready for us.  So far we’ve got most everything out that needed to go, applied some serious elbow grease patching, painting and fixing problems..  At this point we are just waiting for our final permit to be approved so we can bring in our plumber and electrician to get our new bathrooms and lighting installed.

You can also see above we’ve started the process of turning piles of lumber like this,


Into work benches for budding young makers.

buildout kid

Thanks to the hard work of Jake + Ximena, Myles and the rest of the Bit Space construction crew.

buildout 2

buildout 1

We will be ordering all our cool equipment in the coming days and look forward to a few weeks from now when the spindles start spinning and the lasers start cutting.  All goes well we should wrap up our construction before May and be building futures shortly thereafter.  Check back here on the blog for more progress updates and sneak peaks at the new home of Bit Space.