Meet our Director




For the past 13 years, Bit Space Founder and Director Thomas Kearns has brought his unique mixture of professional practice to the classrooms and design studios of the College of Architecture at the Illinois Institute of Technology where he is the Director of the Design Communications curriculum. He is responsible for courses ranging from drawing + modeling to digital fabrication. In professional practice Thomas’ work with partners in his firm sand_box has garnered international award and recognition for their unique brand of multidisciplinary design..  The wisdom and knowledge from Thomas’ career provides Bit Space with the foundation and reach to support long term learning from elementary school introductions to college prep.  



In addition to his professional architecture degree,Thomas has a Master’s degree in Game and Simulation Programming from DePaul University enabling him to develop software tools for analysis, design and for interaction between the built environment and our increasingly digital lives.  As a software engineer and game developer Thomas is uniquely prepared to engage your children in the world of computer code in a way that appeals to their senses while maintaining usefulness..

In addition to making things, and teaching people to make things, Thomas is a father to a 3rd grade girl, who is already staking claim on tools in the shop. Through the various father-daughter and classroom fundraiser projects over the years, Thomas has come to know the amazing abilities our children have for seeing the world and for solving problems through tinkering.  Thomas knows first hand the benefits of nurturing and advancing our students creative problem solving skills.

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Bit Space has been percolating now for many years and Thomas is thrilled to bring his knowledge, experience, and passion from the professional world, to the extra-curricular workbenches of our youth.

As Director of Bit Space, Thomas will be the inaugural maker-in-residence,where he will continue to design, prototype, and construct his next generation of inventions. The residency will maintain a steady stream of interesting tools, projects and professional practice to inspire our visitors. Keep an eye out for upcoming meet and greets and open houses with Thomas and stop in and say hello.