Help Wanted: Bit Space Hiring For Summer




Bit Space is currently interviewing for Summer Camp guide positions.

Bit Space programs cover a very broad range of design and construction activities including computer modeling, digital fabrication, crafts and hand construction techniques to computer programming and robotics technologies.  If you consider yourself a “Maker” than chances are you know what we’re talking about.  If you are a designer (professional or student), in the fields of architecture or industrial design chances are you’ve got the skills.  If you know your way around a game engine or a micro-controller we can probably speak the same language.  If you are teacher first and just getting started with the “Maker” revolution, 3d printing, and new technology we would love to meet you too.  Training will be provided for all equipment and processes.

The Bit Space mission is dependent on building a strong, diverse team.  We believe in the value of apprenticeship and are committed to facilitating the advancement of skills in our employees.  Bit Space is looking for the right personality fit first.  If you have the teaching experience but not as much hands on design/construction we will leverage your teaching skills and make you a maker.  If you are already a maker, we will help you become a better teacher.  Working at Bit Space will be an opportunity for personal and professional development and we promise we will have a great time doing it.

Students in your junior or senior years of study at an accredited design school, we want to hear from you!
Retired shop teacher, trades(wo)man or a professional we want to hear from you!
Science teachers, art teachers, tech teachers, all teachers, we want to hear from you!

  • Must be passionate about the future of our younger generation.
  • Must be responsible and reliable.
  • Must be committed to learning and advancing your personal skill set.
  • Positions will require availability from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm M-F with additional hours available on weekends.

Employment will span from mid May to Mid September, with the potential for summer engagements turning into long term/full time positions.

If you are new to Bit Space, take some time to check our our website and share it with your friends.

If you are interested, please send an introduction and resume via email. No phone calls please.

**We are also looking for a temporary marketing/public relations project manager to help us with a few specific projects