Summer Camp Themes Announced

When we weren’t building out our space the last few months, we were dreaming up the projects we want to run with our campers.  We’ve finally set the lineup for the summer.  

Things from Other Things (June 22nd through July 3rd)
We think everyone should get the chance to take things apart without consequence.  In our first two weeks of camp we will do one better and re-use those things to make new combinations of everyday objects.   Bit Space campers will have the pleasure of taking apart one or more of the items from our inventory of fun (Alarm clocks, radio’s, calculators, lights and more), and will learn techniques to build new bodies for their harvested guts using a mix of hand and computer based design and fabrication tools and a range of materials including wood and plastic.


Things with Batteries (July 6th through July 17th)
Lights, motors, and basic sensors will be programmed to drive simple things that move or that light up.  Break free from the kit, make objects you can interact with from scratch. Wood, plastics and light metal working will be combined with basic electronics, computer programming and digital fabrication for a project as fun or serious as your child’s imagination.

Things you Shred/Things you Sit On (July 20th through July 31st)
Using a process known as vacuum bagging, and thin layers of wood veneer, campers will create  formwork using digital modeling and fabrication tools which will be used to make their own bent plywood constructions.  For your kids who like to shred we will make skateboards, for those who prefer less action sports and more construction, we will make custom chairs with the same methods. 

Things you Play (Aug 3rd – Aug 14th)
At Bit Space we love games. Card games, street games, board games, table games, video games.  During this fourth camp theme we want to break kids games out of the screen and into the physical world.  Using laser cutting and 3d printing, combined with basic interactivity/robotics bit space campers will design, prototype, and construct full scale objects for full scale games using wood, plastics, metal and a bit of creativity.



Things we Loved (Aug 17th – Aug 24th)
We are reserving those last two weeks of the summer to revisit the projects or parts of projects we loved the most.  We will tell you more once we’ve had some time reflect