ReCamp “Things From Other Things”

Over the last two weeks we ran our first official camp sessions under the theme “Things From Other Things”  Inspired by a reference from my friend Andrew at Fieldwork and the natural childhood desire to take apart electronics, we gathered up some alarm clocks, Bluetooth speakers, desktop calculators, and things we could re-purpose the guts of. 

Over the course of the week, our campers took things apart and put them back together again using computer aided design, laser cutting robots, and some creativity. 

Through hand drawings exercises and study models to computer models and tolerance testing prototypes  our campers became young makers. 

During free time the scrap wood pile was transformed into some terrific creations such as bird houses, bubble gum machines, and more.

Kids, parents and the Bit Space staff were smiles to see more than a few new “Things From Other Things” leaving the workshop re-functional.