Skateboard Building @ Bit Space

For our third theme in the summer, campers at Bit Space designed, constructed, and finished their own skateboard decks from scratch.   Beginning with a stack of 1/16″ veneers, and finishing with a custom bent plywood construction, utilizing hand tools and computer controlled robots, our campers had fun making!

As with all Bit Space projects, we begin by drawing and analyzing.

Understanding the shape and measure of a typical skateboard facilitates crafting new models for our campers unique creations in 3d computer modeling software. 

Drawing key 3d cross sections allows for the generation of the complex curvilinear form of the skateboard and leads to 3d printable prototypes for each camper.

With an understanding of the shape of the board, campers begin the multiple prototype development, carving progressively more refined molds from foam.

Wood veneers are laminated with adhesive and readied for molding.

Vacuum bagging uses the pressure of the vacuum to bend the wood layers into their complex shape of the mold.

After curing, laser cut templates taken from campers computer models are aligned and positioned.

using jig saws, the profiles are carefully cut.

and meticulously sanded

From hand painted artworks to laser etching and custom cut viny stencils, boards are finished with graphics and color.

From concept, through prototype, to finished creation

Always amazing to see the broad range of vision and creativity across the group at the end of the week!!