Winter Break Camp Registration is Live

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Sign-Up Now for Winter Break Day Camp

Registration is now live for day camps over the winter break.  Two options are available.

You may sign up for individual days, which will work much like our day off day camps, where kids can drop in for the day, come with an idea of something you’d like to work on or join in one of the projects we have organized.

The second option is a combined multi-day project pack which spans 3-consecutive days, allowing for a more involved and substantial project to be completed.  For the multi-day camp option we are offering two different programs based on our Bit Space curriculum of Bits (construction) and Bytes (computers + code).

In our 3 day Bits program project pack students will spend 3 days building either custom wood mini skis or snowboards perfect for the sledding hill.  Much like our skateboard building workshop students will design and build rideable plywood constructions from scratch.  In the Bytes program, during the 3 day project, students will work collaboratively to build a custom arcade game experience playable by 20 or more at one time.

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