Peek inside a Bit Space Birthday Party

Parties at Bit Space are a great way for your children and their friends to have a fun and constructive Birthday.  Whether your child is more right brain or left, more hands-on or wired-in, the topics and projects for parties span the gamut of Bit Space expertise and can be customized to pique their unique interests.

This past weekend we had Birthday’s for two super cool kids and had a ton of fun. 

In the morning we had party where a 2nd grader and his friends got to take apart and reconstruct calculators.  Like our “Things From Other Things” Summer Camps, in a few hours time our guides lead the party goers from dis-assembly, through design drawing by hand and the basics of vector drawing in the computer.  With a break for pizza, cake and a bit of singing, pieces are cut then re-assembly completed.  

In the afternoon our 9 year old birthday girl and 14 of her friends came ready to create fantastic digital worlds.  After a tour of the workshop and group laser cutter demo, we set about to create together the perilous obstacle course you can play below.  Using professional video game development software and their creative minds these party goers modeled and made interactive some wild 3 dimensional obstacles for everyone’s enjoyment. 

With a broad range of options for projects, tools and techniques, we can customize our birthday parties to the age and interests of your children.  Call us at 773.654.1691 or email at info at to discuss options, or visit for more information.

embedded below is the hard work of our recent party group, give it a try and see if you can beat Bit Space founder Thomas’s best time of 42 seconds without getting smooshed.