Recap: Feb 15th Day Off Day Camp

This President’s Day we ran our biggest Day Off Day Camp yet, with 29 students joining us to build some really awesome things! We had a very diverse age group, from 6 to 12, and everyone got involved. There were big things and small things, stationary things and moving things, analog things and digital things, functional things and artful things — our day campers covered the gamut with their imagination, design, and construction skills.


We had a series of races with hand-built custom car. The kids might have a different opinion, but everyone wins in our book!    20160215-_EEP0923

Yep, that’s a catapult. If you look closely, you can see their projectile flying towards the cameraman.


Alexander wanted a bench customized to his specifications; a few hours and a lot of screws later, he’s got one! Boy is he proud to take it home.


A day in the shop wouldn’t be complete without clean-up, and everyone got involved. Who said sweeping can’t be fun?


Everyone here at Bit Space had a fantastic time that day, and we hope to have more full days like this one! From the entire Bit Space family, a huge THANK YOU! to our lovely parents, kids, and community. Our next day camps are over the CPS Spring Break — we’re going to host two week-long courses, and also have one-day day camps. See you there!