Register now for new fall after-school workshops!


Bit Space is offering new fall after-school workshops.  Check out our 10-week architectural design workshop that begins next week.  Bit Space is also available for hourly drop-in after school and on weekends during our regular workshop times.  Kids can come for individual lessons in using basic tools, computer programming, and working with advanced machines like laser cutters and 3D printers.


How it works

At Bit Space, kids learn specific lessons in design, construction, computers, and electronics in the context of challenges and projects.  Every week, a new set of lessons advances longer term projects and provides new daily challenges.  One or more challenges can be completed in as little as 1 hour (i.e. safety, technique, and aesthetics as it relates to measuring, sawing, clamping, and nailing boards together), while longer term projects can take 10 or 20 hours to complete (i.e. designing a flight simulation video game on the computer or designing and building a piece of furniture).  New projects begin every couple weeks, or you can always “drop in” during our regular workshop hours.

Flex Scheduling

Our flexible scheduling allows for drop-ins any day after school and on Saturday mornings and afternoons.  For kids working on 10-hour or 20-hour projects, they can choose to come in any day of a given week and receive the same weekly lesson.  Those kids will just need to commit to 2 or more hours per week (on any day) for the duration of the project (5 weeks or 10 weeks).