Two new 5-week projects will begin the week of October 10th. Register today!

Need a special place to store your baseball cards, your rock collection, or all your bling?  Come to Bit Space to make your very own custom box to store your valuables.   In our “Boxes: Treasure and Jewelry” class you’ll get to do some technical drawing, use lots of carpentry tools, and crank up the laser cutter to craft intricate and functional keepsake boxes.  If you love making crafts and want to add some carpentry skills to your repertoire, this project is for you!


Want to make some super cool video games?  If you’ve already had some experience with Unity 3d game development software and want to hone your skills, check out our “Advanced Unity: Programming Game AI” class.  In this class you can learn how to create enemies and non-player characters that can react to their environment and other players.  You will use C# programming language and Unity to script advanced behaviors and mechanics to make your game really come alive.  Welcome to the big leagues of video game development!



Register now for these projects by visiting our website.  These two classes will start the week beginning on 10/10 and will last through the week ending on 11/11.   Like all of our 5-week and 10-week projects, you will need to commit at least 2 hours per week to complete the project.  Our Flex Scheduling allows you to choose the days you want to come in (and it doesn’t always have to be on the same day each week…that’s why we call it Flex Scheduling!).  Also, if you buy workshop hours in larger chunks of time (10 hours, 20 hours, 50 hours, or 100 hours) you can save some dough.