New Year! New Projects

Beginning just after the new year, Bit Space will be launching new after-school and saturday morning design-build projects.  These multi-week projects will keep their creativity flowing and teach new techniques even to Bit Space veterans.  With more emphasis on the design process and communicating ideas, our continuously evolving design-build studio is back on project by project registration.

New Projects Starting Soon

Invention Convention: Bodies (wk of 1/9 – 10wks)
Design and build the next great invention, or just make something creative, silly, and fun. Either way you’ll acquire some great design and construction skills.
Invention Convention: Bytes (wk of 1/9 – 10wks)
Learn how to program microcontrollers (Arduinos) and gain a better understanding of how our physical world interacts with the digital world.
Snow Sliders (wk of 1/23 – 5wks)
Design and build your own “Snow Sliders” to race on our downhill ice luge.  How it looks will be just as important as how fast it goes.
VR Roller Coasters (wk of 2/7 – 5wks)
Design your own virtual roller coaster and “ride it” using the Oculus Rift 3D headsets

Sign Up Now

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Additional Upcoming Projects

  • Carvey Crazy (Bits 5 wks, starts wk of 2/27)
    Create and carve custom designs using the Carvey CNC Milling Machine.  Drill, baby, drill!
  • Stop Motion Commotion (Bits/Bytes 5 wks, starts wk of 3/13)
    Produce and direct your own stop motion animation videos.  Lights, camera, action!
  • 3D Printed Mini Drones (Bits 10 wks, starts week of 3/20)
    Build your own drone.  That’s right, you can BUILD YOUR OWN DRONE!
  • The Great Race (Bytes 10 wks, starts wk of 3/20)
    Create cool racing video games. Start your engines!
  • Mother’s Day Make-A-Thon (Bits 5 wks, starts wk of 4/10)
    Make unique gifts for mom.  Love you mom!
  • Electronic Fitness Games (Bytes 5 wks, starts wk of 4/24)