Building Maker Labs at CPS

Bit Space completed its second buildout project this spring with Sheridan Math & Science Academy, helping the school turn an old storage space into a usable maker lab.  A group of parent, student, and teacher volunteers spent a day alongside the Bit Space crew building and installing the workbenches and storage units.

The Bit Space team also worked with Oscar Mayer Magnet School to design and build a brand new maker space in their school.  Their maker space is aptly named “The Awesome Room.”  The room is adaptable enough to allow for collaborative group projects, hand tools and power tools, 3D printing, art classes, sewing, and much much more.

If your school would like help in designing and building a maker space, give Bit Space a call.  We’ll work with you to design a space that fits your program needs and your budget.  We can design and build it for you, or you can grab some volunteers and be involved in the process however much you want from start to finish.