Help Us Defend Fort Circuit!

One of the best things about our “bits” and “bytes” curriculum is it allows Bit Space students to see the possibilities in creating both physical and digital spaces. One of our favorite projects not only involves building these worlds, but also programming them to work together in a fun and unusual way.

Fort Circuit is both a wooden and virtual fort that needs to be protected from an armada of invading virtual ducks. Players have to throw virtual bread into the water to distract them from coming aboard. Fort Circuit is one of Bit Space’s traveling exhibits, appearing at festivals and maker faires across Chicagoland to best illustrate the incredible projects students undertake during our summer camps and classes.

Fort Circuit is more than a wooden fort; it’s a gigantic game controller wired with various terminals that interact with our own video game. The coding half of the project was done in-house by the same guides who teach the children these skills. Even the toaster-shaped wooden game controllers and pieces of bread are made in-house with our laser-cutters.

During Fort Circuit exhibits, attendees are able to build the actual wooden fortress (with a Bit Space guide), working together on the best strategy to win the game. Once it’s assembled, everyone is able to participate in the interactive video game experience.