Summer Camp Highlight: Behind the Music Video

Does your child dream of living life like a rockstar? Well this summer, this dream can turn into a reality with Bit Space’s Music Video summer camp. Bit Space is Chicago’s premier makerspace, and enables campers to dream big and turn it into a reality using their creativity and Bit Space’s resources. Throughout the summer, each week features a different theme, highlighting different tools and technology, and one of our favorite themes is Music Video Studio.

At Bit Space summer camps, the theme of the week is inspiration to spark kids’ imaginations and to launch them into their project. Throughout the week, our guides will teach them which tools to use, as well as how to use them, in order to turn their ideas into reality. While the end goal to create a music video, each kid will discover their own path to completing the project.

The Bit Space makerlab is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, professional video equipment, the latest tools and professional guides to deliver a memorable summer experience creating a music video from scratch. Campers will start the week with collaboration sessions to storyboard the project. From there, they will turn it into reality. Young campers, six to nine years old, will work with video cameras to capture memorable moves, and they will use our tools to build props, stages, director’s chairs or anything their energetic minds imagine. The older age groups (nine to 12 years old) will have full-access to Bit Space’s resources. They will use more advanced technology, such as green screens, intricate design and editing software and tools to build their set. Kids older than 12 years old will have complete-access to Bit Space’s technology and tools to create a rockin’ music video.

So in the fall, when your child is asked what she did over the summer, she can confidently say, “I became a rock star!…at least for one week.”