Glitchcraft: A BitSpace Escape Room

The first room awaits players of all ages!

Magical spells, hidden secrets, and locked treasures! In the off season of BitSpace we are faced with some time to reflect, improve our practices and conjure some awesome projects into our wheelhouse. Over the past two summers we have run an escape room themed week of camp. Escape Rooms have gotten quite popular in recent years and BitSpace was able to take this idea and make it approachable for most age groups not only to participate and enjoy themselves but create complex puzzles to make a truly engaging Escape Room.This year we posed a challenge to ourselves: What would it look like if WE made an escape room. So we gathered our guides and together we designed and built Glitchcraft: an escape room experience. 

In order to give hints, escape rooms typically have cameras to monitor progress.

Now, for the uninitiated, an escape room is a series of puzzles placed in a room or multiple connected rooms. The goal is to solve puzzles which will most likely result in the solving of another puzzle in the room, like a domino effect of creativity! Say there is a padlock on a treasure chest, but no key is seen in the room, perhaps there is a book with a hollowed out section holding said key, or maybe if you place an object in the correct location some lights and buzzers will activate leading you to the hiding place of the key. The puzzles, codes, and ciphers presented typically follow the arc of a small story so there is some context and larger theme making the puzzles more than a simple jigsaw puzzle.

Guides hold their breath as the first patrons of Glitchcraft work to escape!

In standard BitSpace fashion we started with nothing more than an idea, a sheet of paper and and some truly talented guides. After several meetings we concluded that the most promising idea was that of being trapped inside of a fantasy style video game. From here we were able to break down just what the space was going to look like, how the rooms and puzzles would reflect the world of the story, and of course designing the puzzles themselves. From pulleys and projections to remote activation and coding, you will traverse the many fruits of iteration making as you venture through our escape room.  Do you have what it takes to escape the Glitchcraft? Sign up and give it a try!