New Year! New Projects

Beginning just after the new year, Bit Space will be launching new after-school and saturday morning design-build projects.  These multi-week projects will keep their creativity flowing and teach new techniques even to Bit Space veterans.  With more emphasis on the design process and communicating ideas, our continuously evolving design-build studio is back on project by […]


Introducing Inter-Act

What exactly is this new summer program for our older makers? Inter-Act, our combination of the Bits (physical constructions) and Bytes (computational constructions) is a week long foray in the world of mixed-reality experience design.  In other words, we combine the use of hand, power, and computer controlled tools for making elements out of metal, wood, plastic, […]


Summer Camp Previews: Inter-Act (10 and up)

This summer Bit Space is introducing a new camp program geared specifically for our makers ages 10 and up.  A whole new week-long, full-day camp experience, Inter-Act integrates the Bits + Bytes curricula into next-generation projects that combine physical fabrication with computational media for fantastic interactive constructions campers let loose in the wild. Interaction lies […]

Summer Camp Registration

It’s hard to believe it’s time to open the registration for summer camp 2016.  We are super excited about our blossoming plans for our 2nd annual summer camp series.  There will be electronics, virtual reality, lasers and construction projects galore, with new summer programs for Bits and Bytes as well as an ambitious new program […]