Making by Design

Making is the culmination of Curiosity + Discipline + Technique

“What do you want to make today?” It’s a question that is often asked of students who come to Bit Space. Our job as educators is to teach students skills, harness their creativity, and occasionally let them fail. We guide students through a design thinking process that will help
them solve the problem at hand and new ones in the future.

Bit Space is the brainchild of Thomas Kearns, a former professor at the Illinois Institute of Technology. Thomas found that he could teach younger kids many of the same things he was teaching his college architecture students at an age-appropriate pace and level of difficulty.

Bit Space is the leader in maker education, offering summer camps, classes, and field trips out of our own makerspaces. We are bringing the maker movement into the classroom by providing design & build services to create makerspaces in schools and training school faculty and staff to effectively teach these skills. Bit Space is expanding its support of this movement by offering a complete maker curriculum.


"The Bit Space team created a makerlab that is beyond our wildest expectations. They anticipated elements we would never have foreseen. Today our lab is by far the most sought after space in the school."

Katie Lechowski
Technology Teacher

Makerspaces by Design

Bit Space can transform your
space into a makerspace

Equipping students with the ability to turn raw ideas into tangible solutions creates enormous impact. Teachers and students need spaces designed for creating and making. Bit Space can create makerspaces in your school by analyzing existing locations within your school, discussing the types of maker activities your school wants to offer, and designing a custom makerspace that fits your school’s specific curricular goals and budget.

Bit Space brings experience and knowledge from designing and manufacturing our own facilities. In addition, we’ve created custom makerspaces in a number of schools — from small spaces to huge labs, from public to private schools, and from elementary to high schools. We design and fabricate all of the modular furniture, workspaces, and storage units. The sturdy plywood units are designed for kids, designed to last, and designed for making.


“We formed a partnership to have our faculty and students work with Bit Space in the design and buildout of our spaces. We worked closely with their team to make the design and building process a learning experience for everyone. We explored ideas and options while working to meet deadlines. Through it all, Bit Space shared their expertise from other settings to inform our choices.”

Charlie Ableman
University of Chicago, Laboratory Schools

Curriculum by Design

Access our innovative, project-based maker curriculum for K-12

Bit Space’s curriculum is comprised of seven different territories that can be used as stand-alone units or a comprehensive course of study. It is fully aligned with Common Core, Next Generation Science, and other widely implemented standards.

This cross-curricular, web-based program offers a multitude of short lessons with accompanying hands-on projects. Each lesson weaves elements from other territories, creating a fully holistic learning experience.

Bit Space has worked with thousands of students and has collaborated with some of the most talented maker education professionals to design this rich curriculum.


"The belief that all genuine education comes about
through experience does not mean that all experiences are genuinely or equally educative."

John Dewey

Training by Design

Professional development blends
design thinking with hands-on learning

We believe in learning by doing. The experiential learning environment of our professional development grounds teachers in the process of design thinking and puts them to work engaging in the same types of designing and making their students will experience.

Educators can choose from our in-house workshops or a custom professional development experience designed for their school. Past engagements have included school-wide design thinking workshops, on-site training for specific tools and machines, and training sessions


"The training my colleagues and I received from Bit Space allowed us to move beyond tinkering with cardboard and duct tape to real materials, tools, and professional software."

Jeanette Simenson - Gurolnick
Technology Facilitator
District 34 - Glenview

Inspriation by Design

Encourage and support the next generation of makers

Students experience a healthy mix of inspiration and discovery when given the proper environment in which to create. Our goal at Bit Space is to inspire and guide the next generation of inventors, entrepreneurs, and problem solvers by teaching kids and teens to be producers rather than consumers of technology.

If you’re interested in taking the next step in creating
or enhancing your own makerspace, let’s get together.
We look forward to working with you to inspire the next generation of makers.


"Ultimately, it’s the intellectual development of students that is most important. The design process gives purpose to technical skills, and learning real technique provides an honest challenge to their thinking."

Thomas Kearns
Founder + Director
Bit Space

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