Is your school ready to join the maker movement?
Bit Space is here to help.

Bit Space offers everything your school needs to get involved with the maker movement.  We offer maker programs at your school, field trips to our facility, consulting services for creating your own maker space, professional development for educators, and a comprehensive curriculum to implement in your classroom.  

What is a maker lab?
A maker lab is a workshop with a broad range of tools and technologies for creating different things with a variety of materials and purposes.

What makes Bit Space unique?
Bit Space is a youth-only maker lab where kids learn how to use real tools to make real things in a fun and safe environment.  Kids can learn how to use hand tools (i.e. hammers, saws, clamps, screwdrivers), power tools (i.e. jigsaws, electric sanders, drills), advanced machines (i.e. laser cutters, 3D printers), electronics (circuit boards, Arduinos,  Raspberry Pi), and computer programming and modeling software to design and build just about anything.

What programs are offered at Bit Space?
At Bit Space, we offer programs year round for children ages 6-18.  During the school, year we have after-school programming as well as day-off, winter break, and spring break camps. In the summer, our camps are week-long, full-day projects. Throughout the year, our schedule is filled with workshops, birthday parties, and other special events.

How can my school work with Bit Space?
Bit Space partners with schools in a variety of ways.

After-School @ School - We bring our pop-up woodworking shop or computer lab to your school.  

Field Trips
– Bring your class to Bit Space for a fun and interactive experience.

In-School Visits – It’s like having a field trip without leaving the classroom.

Special Projects – Our Guides will work with your students on projects specializing in construction, computer programming and modeling, and design thinking.

Professional Development – Get expert, hands-on professional training from our Bit Space Guides to learn skills and techniques to bring projects to life in your classroom.  

Consulting – Do you want to start your own maker lab at your school?  We can help with assessment, design, construction, professional development, curriculum, and implementation.   

– Bit Space is developing its own curriculum to be used in the classroom.  The project-based lessons are aligned with Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core.