We are building a curriculum for the next generation of K-12 Maker Labs + Innovation Centers
Join our Spring 2017 pilot program.

What is the Bit Space Pilot Program?
Bit Space is constructing a complete maker lab curriculum which will support teachers in the integration of hands-on, project based learning and can provide maker leaders in your school the infrastructure to bring others effectively into the lab.

For the Spring 0f 2017, Bit Space is partnering with a select group of schools for small pilot programs which will deploy a subset of the full curriculum in their classroom.  Bit Space will work with your school to establish a target scope for initial introduction.  We will help to demonstrate how a maker lab and this approach to learning might operate within your school in exchange for the feedback and assistance we need to build just the right curriculum for the demands of k-12 education today.

Lesson Map
Bit Space has constructed a core map of lessons which will form the basis of a comprehensive curriculum.  With our pilot partners, we will identify the most valuable lessons to include in the pilot program and the initial curriculum launch.

Project Prototype
Bit Space will work with pilot partners to create the right kind of project for connecting the pilot lesson set to the objectives of our partners’ classes.  

Connecting Standards
The full collection of lessons will be mapped to Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards.