Making Virtual Worlds (Mayfair Co-op)

Making Virtual Worlds (Mayfair Co-op)

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Many of us want to get started in the world of making games, but it can be quite intimidating. This crash course in world-making will get you up and running in just a few weeks. Work individually or in small groups to craft your own game level using Unity, the game engine that powers wildly popular games like Pokemon Go. Learn the fundamentals and let your creativity shine through! At the end of the course, take your projects home with you to share with friends, or expand upon them — Unity3D is free! This course will prepare you to take your skills to the next level and point you to further self-learning resources, opportunities, and challenges.

Sign up for 1-hour, weekly classes beginning Thursday, March 2nd. The class meets forĀ 5 sessions with no classes on March 16th. Ends April 6th.