Escape Room

Escape Room

For the past five years BitSpace has run interactive open houses to showcase the many talents of our guides and to build relationships with our customers. This year we’re back and putting on a show like you’ve never seen at BitSpace before. We are pleased to debut Glitchcraft: A BitSpace Escape Room!

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45 Minutes


$20 each for adults
$15 each for children
(All children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult.)


2541 W Lawrence Ave, Chicago, IL 60625

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Glitchcraft: A BitSpace Escape Room is a 45-minute, family friendly escape room that can be played by 2-6 people. Bring your friends and family to experience a video game style escape room adventure hosted by us! 

Get ready to go on a 90s video game style dungeon crawler adventure! You and your family have been zapped into the digital world, without a clear path back to your normal life. Be dazzled by lights, projections, and interactive gameplay, a BitSpace specialty. With help from each other and the wicked wizard’s guard dog, Sir Bork, you can find your way back home. Or can you?!

Note: If your group does not fill the time slot, you may be playing with another group or person.