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Gift Certificate

Give the gift of making!


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    Give the gift of making with a Bit Space gift certificate!

    Bit Space gift certificates are a great way to get friends and family to enroll their child(ren) in our awesome day off camps, week-long camps, birthday parties, and open shop! Each gift certificate works like store credit in our online store — use it to partially pay for a camp or class, combine them to pay for one order, or use a large one to pay for multiple orders over time.

    To use a gift certificate, add a Bit Space event to your cart, and then select the credit from the list of coupons on the cart or checkout pages. If the credit doesn’t automatically appear, copy the code from the email containing the credit notification. Gift Certificates can only be redeemed when purchasing camps and classes online, not in-person.

    If you are sending the credit as a gift, you will have the option of entering a different email address to receive the coupon at check-out. The recipient will immediately receive an email from Bit Space notifying them of your gift! Note: this automatic email may get caught by some spam filters. Make sure your gift recipient checks there as well! If you want the gift to be a surprise, simply have the coupon sent to your email address and share it however and whenever you see fit.

    Bit Space Gift Certificates come in convenient denominations. Any gift certificate can be used as partial payment for any camp or class, but we have chosen a number of values that match common costs:

    $20 – good for a quick gift to a friend!

    $60 – the cost of one session of Open Shop for non-members

    $100 – one day of Day Off Camp

    $150 – one month of Open Shop membership

    $500 – one week of Spring┬áBreak Camp or Summer Camp