Carvey Crazy

Carvey Crazy

Get a jump on next-gen tech by learning to use the Carvey, a desktop CNC milling machine!


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Bit Space has a new toy- the Carvey! Learn to design and fabricate using our newest machine, a desktop CNC milling machine that carves wood and plastic.

Over a course of 5 weeks we’ll learn the ins and outs of the Carvey, starting with a smaller project: designing and machining a medallion with a personal crest or emblem, and then incorporating that crest or emblem into larger projects. A treasure box with your coat of arms? A smartphone stand with your own logo? A belt buckle with your personal crest? The possibilities are endless!

Sign up for 2-hour, weekly classes beginning Monday, 2/27. No class on 3/27 due to Spring Break Camps. Ends April 3rd.