Wilmette – Ages 12+

Wilmette – Ages 12+

Week-long, project-based learning

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Summer camp at Bit Space is week-long, project-based learning for kids and teens. Each week, we introduce a set of tools, techniques, software, and materials to three age groups. Using the week’s theme as a starting point, campers work individually, in small groups, or as a team to create something that explores, expresses, and expands upon their skills and creativity, and culminates in an exhibition of their work on Friday. 

 Ages 12+

Our campers entering their junior high and high school years will determine how they will engage with the week’s theme and choose where and how they will make their contribution to Friday’s exhibition. There are very few restrictions as to which tools and technologies they can use.  Higher level craftsmanship in physical construction, virtual reality technology, new media, and real coding skills are all on the table. These campers are paired with our most experienced maker-educators to maximize their potential.

Camp themes by week for Bit Space Wilmette:

  • Jul 29 – Aug 2: Space Explorers
  • Aug 5 – Aug 9: Camp Carnival
  • Aug 12 – Aug 16: Escape Room
  • Aug 19 – Aug 23: Skateboards – Sold Out


Maker camp at Bit Space is a week-long immersion into design-thinking, collaborating, and making for children ages 7-14. Each week, we will spark your child’s curiosity and flex his or her creative muscles like never before. With the support of expert guides (real-life architects, designers, and makers) your child will discover how to turn a unique idea into a reality using the newest tools and technology available.  Campers work individually, in small groups, or as a team to create something that explores, expresses, and expands upon their skill and creativity.

  • Full-day, one-week camps  ($700)
  • 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
  • Monday – Friday
  • Before care available: 8:30 – 9:00 a.m. (included)
  • After care available: 4:00 – 5:30 p.m. (included)
  • Camper-to-Guide ratio is 5:1 or less!
  • No lunch provided; bring a nut-free lunch and snack
  • Focus on fun and skill building
  • Campers get to bring home what they make
  • Parents are invited to end-of-week presentations
  • Divided into two age groups: 7-10 and 11-14


Safety  is the number one priority at Bit Space. To that end, we make sure to have a better than 5:1 ratio of campers to guides, and even smaller ratios in the woodshop. Campers are never left unattended, and the level of direct supervision depends on what tool they’re using. Campers are given safety and usage training on all of our tools before using them, and we have procedures in place to ensure safety throughout the shop (see our Code of Conduct form for more information). When using tools, campers will always be required to wear eye protection, and we have ear protection available as well.

By dividing our campers into age groups, we are able to equip our campers with tools, technologies, and techniques in a structured environment appropriate to their developmental level. The levels emphasize learning-through-doing in a social environment. Campers work on projects that bridge the physical and digital world and end with an exhibit of their work each Friday!

Ages 11-14

Our campers entering their junior high and high school years will determine how they will engage and contribute to Friday’s exhibition. There are very few restrictions as to which tools and technologies they can use. Higher level craftsmanship in physical construction, 2D design and 3D modeling software programs, digital fabrication (3D printing and laser cutting), virtual reality technology, new media, and real coding skills are all on the table. These campers are paired with experienced maker-educators to maximize their potential.

Weekly Themes: Lincoln Square

  • Jun 10 – Jun 14: Lights + Motion
  • Jun 17 – Jun 21: Skateboards
  • Jun 24 – Jun 28: Robot Dance Party
  • Jul 1 – Jul 5: Boardwalk Arcade
  • Jul 8 – Jul 12: City of Small Shoulders
  • Jul 15 – Jul 19: Games Unplugged
  • Jul 22 – Jul 26: Mini Golf
  • Jul 29 – Aug 2: Skateboards
  • Aug 5 – Aug 9: Escape Room
  • Aug 12 – Aug 16: Camp Carnival
  • Aug 19 – Aug 23: Space Explorers
  • Aug 26 – Aug 30: Dreamscapes

A Typical Week of Camp

The morning of the first day of camp will include activities to help the guides and campers get to know one another. The campers will go through our “stations” where they will learn how to safely and effectively use the tools in our shop. We will discuss Bit Space rules and expectations and brainstorm ideas for the week.

On the final day of camp each week, parents and friends are invited to come to our end-of-week presentations at 3:00, so our campers can show off their fantastic creations. Check out each theme’s description to get an idea of what our campers will make!

Registration, Payment, and Cancellation

Registration for all camps can be found on our website. Bit Space will offer refunds if we receive a written cancellation notice prior to April 30th, but a cancellation fee of $100 will be incurred. No refunds will be given after April 30th. We do not issue full or partial refunds during the summer for campers who miss a day or more due to illness or other factors.

Drop Off and Pick Up

Camp officially begins at 9:00 and ends at 4:00. Campers should be dropped off between 8:30 and 9:00 each morning and picked between 4:00 and 5:30 in the afternoon. For campers who are not picked up by 5:30 p.m., a $50 convenience fee will be charged to parents, and we will get in touch with emergency contacts unless otherwise notified.

Before Care and After Care

You do NOT need to register for before care or after care. These services are included in the price of camp. You can drop off your child(ren) as early at 8:30 a.m. and pick up as late as 5:30 p.m.

Lunch + Snacks

Lunchtime at Bit Space will generally fall between 12:00 and 1:00. Eating a good breakfast is vital to the attention and energy needed for great making. Please send your child full and ready to make. Bit Space is nut-free. Please pack lunches and snacks for your children that are free of peanuts and tree nuts. Bit Space allows time for snacks during the day.


If your child is showing signs of illness or has a fever, we ask that you strongly consider keeping the child home for that day of camp. We will notify the listed caregivers and request an early pickup for any camper who has a fever or is clearly ill during the camp session. Please be sure to let our staff know if your child has any medical issues of which we should be aware.

Boardwalk Arcade

Spend all your quarters on the coolest kid-crafted games and activities! Younger campers use the wood shop to build their own versions of arcade classics like skee-ball, ring toss, and strength testers. Older campers work in small groups to make their own takes on digital and/or physical games.

Camp Carnival

Thrills, skills, and chills are the name of the game as we turn Bit Space into a crazy carnival! On Friday, campers staff their carnival event, showing off games of skill made in the wood shop, laser cut prizes, custom-created video games, and more.


Back by popular demand! Both the 6-9 and 9-12 age groups design and create a custom skateboard from scratch. They make foam molds, lay up and glue together layers of veneer into plywood, cut, shape, sand, finish, and assemble their decks. Each camper walks out the door on Friday with a real, rideable skateboard!

Lights + Motion

Prepare for a mega light show party this week as campers put electricity to work. Younger campers learn the basics of circuitry using simple motors and lights to brighten up their wood shop and laser cutter projects. Older campers expand upon that toolset with programmable electronics and real light fixtures to make wild room lighting and more!

Mini Golf

Ahhh, mini golf. A summer pastime, redone! Young campers work on portable mini golf games, while the older groups work together on interactive, electronic courses! Come by on Friday to try all out all their creations and see if they’re par for the course.

Escape Room

It’s a puzzle party at summer camp! Young campers work individually on stringing together a series of sneaky ciphers, jigsaw puzzles, and secret codes made in the wood shop, while older campers work in teams designing clues for their own built-from-scratch escape room.

Robot Dance Party

Robots: the maker favorites that do work for you! But what happens once the makers leave the space? Our charismatic robots like to hang out and dance, so each camper makes a guest for our Friday dance party. Young campers create simple circuits that lead to silly motions and behaviors, while older groups can code more complex motions and interactivity.

Games Unplugged

Clear off your coffee table because game night is coming to Bit Space! Our youngest campers put the woodshop to work building fun contraptions for holding cards, rolling dice, and making their own versions of classic games. The older campers spend the week remixing their favorite board games to be even more awesome.


This week is all about “making” your dreams come true! Young campers use the wood shop to make a window into a dream world of their design. They can add lights or motion to enhance their narrative experience. Older campers can choose to focus 3D modeling a wild dreamscape, or work together to turn our famed Inter-Act Cube into something out of alternate dimension.

City of Small Shoulders

We’re flipping the script this week and saying, “It takes a child to raise a village.” Each camper can turn a small plot of “land” into their own part of a fantastic city. Older campers can instead take their ideas into the digital realm and focus on making scaled 3D models of (im)possible cityscapes. All campers are encouraged to work together to arrange their plots into blocks and neighborhoods and form the City of Small Shoulders.

Space Explorers

The intrepid explorers of the I.S.S. Bit Space have just landed on a far away planet. Now it’s up to them to make life on this unknown world possible … and awesome! All campers can use the wood shop and laser cutter to make the coolest colony creations they can think of, and campers 9 and up can choose instead to make digital space exploration games or experiences.