Advanced Projects (Wilmette)

Advanced Projects (Wilmette)

College level software, technology, and fabrication program for experienced young makers.


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Advance to the next level!

Already know how to use a 3d printer?  Have your own Arduino? Minecraft Modding Maestro? Students with demonstrable readiness from home, school, or previous Bit Space projects are encouraged to join our Advanced Projects team and our new facility.

In Advanced Projects (AP) camps, students will be taught college level digital design and interactive development techniques and use them to create a project of their own choosing.  AP campers may combine weeks for the implementation of a larger scale, longer term project, or simply explore a broader range of techniques and multiple smaller projects.

Compare against I.D. Tech Camps, Advanced Projects at Bit Space will deliver the technical training while challenging creativity and self expression.  Rise to the challenge and get ahead this summer at Bit Space.