Inter-Act (Lincoln Square)

Inter-Act (Lincoln Square)

Our hit combination of fabrication, virtual reality and electronics is back for a summer of fantastic creations.

Every week the Inter-Act group(s) will design, prototype, and construct a mixed-reality experience using their creativity, ingenuity and cutting edge technologies.


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bits and bytes in the same camp

  • What happens when virtual and material environments are connected?
  • Invent the future of interactive space!
  • Interaction lies at the heart of our 9+ summer camp programming. The interaction within collaborative projects, the interaction between Bits and Bytes, and most importantly, the interaction of our campers’ wild creations with the world.

Each week of Inter-Act camp will see the complete re-imagination and re-construction of a mobile play space: part tiny house, part virtual playground, part robot. The objective of the Inter-Act station will be determined by the interests and ideas of the group. Using a combination of physical construction, virtual reality, and robotic technologies, campers will invent a completely unique interactive experience. Fundamental questions of What could it be? How will we use it? Where should it be? and For Whom? will drive the group design process, followed by a week-long iterative design and prototyping schedule.

Campers will identify the types of maker technologies they are interested in using. Do they want to work with power tools? Do some computer modeling and some circuit building? Do they want to code all week long, or switch half way? It’s up to the campers. The primary goal of this level is to turn each camper’s interests into fun, interactive experiences that they can share with others.

We have an enthusiastic group of Guides with both professional and academic experience that are as adept at creating opportunities to find new interests as they are at shaping those interests into output. They take the group through daily lessons in a broad range of tools and techniques and maintain an organized schedule of milestones to keep the project flowing safely and smoothly.