Winter Camp: Inter-Act – Wilmette

Winter Camp: Inter-Act – Wilmette

One-week design studio @ Wilmette


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Dec 26-29, Jan 2-5

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Each week of Inter-Act camp sees the complete re-imagination and re-construction of a mixed reality play space: the Inter-Act Cube. The objective of the Inter-Act program is determined by the interests and ideas of the group. Using a combination of physical construction, game development software, and electronics, campers invent a completely unique interactive experience. What is it? How do you use it? Where does it take place? For whom? These questions drive the group design process, part of a week-long iterative design and prototyping schedule.

After being trained in general shop safety and introduced to virtual world-building, campers identify the maker technologies they are interested in using. Do they want to work with power tools? Do some computer modeling or circuit building? Do they want to code all week long, or switch half way? It’s up to the campers. The primary goal of this level is to turn each camper’s interests into fun, interactive experiences that they can share with others.

We have an enthusiastic group of Guides with both professional and academic experience that are as adept at creating opportunities to find new interests as they are at shaping those interests into the output. They take the group through daily lessons in a broad range of tools and techniques and maintain an organized schedule of milestones to keep the project flowing safely and smoothly.

This is for the Wilmette Bit Space location. Two sessions available:

  • Dec 26-29
  • Jan 2-5