Our Team

Guided by Experts.

At Bit Space we call our educators guides, as they are here to help guide our participants towards their own personal ambitions.  Yes we teach, and sometimes we even train, but fundamentally we are here to share our decades of expertise, to lead those interested across the vast landscape of creation.

Our team of guides comes from a broad range of backgrounds, all with degrees from significant programs of study and all with a devotion to childhood enrichment and education.  We are architects, artists, designers, engineers, and software developers and we all love to have fun inventing the world of tomorrow

Samuel Goldstein

Lead Curriculum Writer

Kevin Smith

Senior Guide

Bobby Swainhart

Senior Guide

Andy Halvorsen

Senior Guide

Bobbie Carr

Senior Guide

Caroline Galicki


Chris Martin


Dena Springer


Eric Eldridge


Linh Hoang


Max Davis


Thomas Kearns


Michael Hurley

General Manager

April Chancellor

Curriculum Manager

Keith Bingham

Office Manager