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Thomas Kearns

Co-Founder + Director

CoFounder  sand_box, NYC/CHI
Director of Design Communications, College of Architecture - IIT
Bachelor of Architecture, Iowa State University
Master of Science Game Programming, DePaul University

Formally trained as an architect and software engineer, Thomas Kearns designs, engineers, tools, and constructs experiences in a broad range of media, at a variety of scales. Professional projects include new construction + renovation work for residential + commercial clients, software + web application development, interactive installations + experience design. As a professional design educator Thomas has taught from the beginning design student through PhD in the areas of design, technology, and media. Throughout his career, Thomas’s work has focused on making meaningful connections between material and computational environments. This work, strives to define new modes of interaction, through development and integration of emerging technologies and the use of design build praxis as means to invent. Thomas’s research is applied within the context of real projects and formal educational programs.

As Director at Bit Space, Thomas operates as a Maker-in-Residence, bringing his unique approach to design and years of experience in education to bear on the formation of a next-gen curriculum for our next generation of makers.

Guided by Experts.

At Bit Space we call our educators guides, as they are here to help guide our participants towards their own personal ambitions.  Yes we teach, and sometimes we even train, but fundamentally we are here to share our decades of expertise, to lead those interested across the vast landscape of creation.

Our team of guides comes from a broad range of backgrounds, all with degrees from significant programs of study and all with a devotion to childhood enrichment and education.  We are architects, artists, designers, engineers, and software developers and we all love to have fun inventing the world of tomorrow



Senior Guide




Senior Guide


Senior Guide


Senior Guide

Want to Join Our Team? Looking for a summer job?

Bit Space is currently reviewing the work, attitude and background of candidates for summer camp guides.

  • Are you currently enrolled (Or will you be this fall) in a Design or Engineering program at a college or university?
  • Are you a highschool student that could teach your teacher a thing or two about computers?
  • Interested in helping us bridge the gaps between education, practice and our youth?
  • Want to have access to cool tools and a great studio space while you aren't working?

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