a maker space for kids

use real tools

learn real skills

build real things


unlimited hours, persistent projects

Non-Member Access

single session making

"If you make it, you can take it"

Whether it's a one-day project or the result of year-long exploration, Bit Space kids can take home whatever they make. Chair you made from lumber? Take it home. Robot that moves and responds to the world? Take it home. Virtual reality video game? Take it home!


No kits = unique projects

Our programs teach processes, not products, to instill self-direction and self-expression in young makers. We don't do kits and we don't tell kids what to make -- we show them how to make.

Expert guides, safe spaces

Our Guides are professional designers, architects, engineers, and developers with both professional and academic experience. It is our goal to provide the best version of the safe and creative environment we wish we had when we were growing up.