Birthday Parties

Looking for a fun and unique way to celebrate your child’s birthday?  Come to Bit Space!  Kids will be able to use real tools to build real things and will have a blast along the way.  Whether it's for a small party of up to 10 kids or an event with 30+ kids, they will have an unforgettable experience.  Choose from among a construction project in our Design + Build Studio, a digital experience in our computer lab, or a creative activity using a laser cutter.  

Have questions? Want to discuss themes? Send us an email or give us a call at 773 654 1691!


Small Parties

Our "Small" party is a fun, rich experience for up to 10 kids.  We’ll make sure there is enough time to develop individual projects, enjoy refreshments, and play games.

10* participants - 3 Hours


$25 per additional participant

In a "Small" party, we organize a small-scale project that a group of children can complete in about 2 hours time. Projects are focused on physical construction using traditional and modern tools, assemblages from 2D laser cutting, and digital designs using computers and electronics. (While our 3D printers will most definitely be running, the slow speed of 3D printing prohibits us from making them the focus of the party.)

A typical party will include a short workshop to bring everyone up to speed with the techniques and tools we will use.  Following the workshop, participants will develop their unique creations.  We’ll be sure to leave time for refreshments and games!


Big Parties

Have a larger guest list and want some high-tech or creative group fun?  A "Big" party allows a larger group of participants to take part in design and construction demonstrations, games, activities, and more.  

30+ participants - 1.5 Hours


$25 per additional participant

In a “Big” party, all of the guests will get a chance to try out various aspects of Bit Space.  Whether it’s on the physical construction side or the digital side, they will work together on a collaborative project.  

We’ll start out with some basic demonstrations of hand tools, power tools, advanced machines (think laser cutters and 3d printers), electronics, and/or computers.  From there, the kids will be led in a collaborative project around an agreed upon theme.  There will of course be time for refreshments and games.  

Call us now, and Bit Space will work with you to design a custom-made, unforgettable experience for you and your guests.  

Special Events

In addition to birthday parties, Bit Space can accommodate other types of events.  Maybe an end-of-the year party for your child’s class, a father-son / mommy-daughter outing, or an adult team-building event.  Call us so we can help you plan out your next special event.